editor: Paul Hawkins
editor: Sarer Scotthorne
art & design: Bob Modem


Poem Brut & other projects

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est. circa 2012
an unfunded small press
based in Bristol


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Laura Davis - title TBC (2024)
Ali Graham/Mischa Foster Poole - On This Side A Plague Year (September, 2024)
Lucy Furlong - Clew (expanded 2nd edition paperback)

2024 titles:

current titles:

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Sarer Scotthorne - Suggested Breathing
Peter Jaeger & Paul Hawkins - Troposphere free PDF here
Jules Sprake - Shrink a Crisp Packet
SJ Fowler - The parts of the body that stink
Maja Torjussen - Mun Sun
Iris Colomb - Ridiculous Unlikely Event
Lydia Hounat - Notes Of A Mongrel’s DNA
Alsdorf - a collaborative novel ed. Stephen Sunderland
Miggy Angel - My Culture Is Flowers
Martin Wakefield - Poems You Can’t Colour In
Ben Carr & Michael Hinchcliffe - Dreich Air
Julia Rose Lewis & Paul Hawkins - Postcards From Mental States
Patrick Cosgrove - Biros 2
Tim Gaze - Cascade
Rezia Wahid - dancing in the womb
John Murry w/Will Russell -  Partial Leaves from The Gospel of John Vol. 1
Weaving Light : Writers & poets on the woven art of Rezia Wahid SOLD OUT
Chris Kerr - Nam Gal Sips Clark
Patrick Cosgrove - BIROS
Martin Wakefield - Jungle Gym 
Bruno Neiva - Selected Text-Art 2010-2020 
Small Things Happen & Bob Modem - A & B Sides pay what you can via Bandcamp ︎︎︎here
Paul Hawkins - Why Chant Meat 
Photo Poetry SURFACES 2021 exhibition catalogue
Franco Cortese - її lí vì ei ii dì ei 
Vik Shirley - Disrupted Blue and other poems on Polaroid 
Rose Knapp - Tantric 
The Perambulator - Should we Meet at the Crossroads, Keep Walking 
Andrew Wells - Sealed 
Astra Papachristodoulou - Astropolis (2nd edition)
Writing Utopia 2020 anthology
Paul Hawkins & Steve Ryan - Place Waste Dissent & Diisonance (2nd edition)
Sarer Scotthorne - The Blood House (2nd edition) 
Louis Armand & John Kinsella - Monument 
Sally-Shakti Willow - [un].holy : 33 sonnets for Brigid 
David Turner - Contained
Astra Papachristodoulou - Blockplay 
SJ Fowler - Unfinished Memmoirs of a Hypocrit 
Original Plus Dub anthology
Daniele Pantano - Kindertotenlieder
SJ Fowler - Aletta Oceans Alphabet Empire 
DIISONANCE anthology
Matti Spence - When it comes to letting go of the image 
Rosie Snajdr - We Are Cosmonauts ltd. edition SOLD OUT ︎︎︎free PDF
Hiromi Suzuki - Logbook
Mustapha Benfodil/Joe Ford - Cocktail Kafkaïne 
Dan Eltringham - Cairn Almanac 
Katy Wareham Morris - Cutting The Green Ribbon 
Paul Hawkins & Michael Harford - 50//fifty
Rose Knapp - DaDasBatshit
Katherine Sowerby - that bird loved
Jude Cowan Montague - The Originals
Iain Britton - The Intaglio Poems
IS Rowley - The Undeliverable 
Francis Annagu - Our Land in the Beak of Vultures
Billy Mills - The City Itself
Mark Russell - Shopping For Punks
Michael Mc Aloran - breath(en) flux
Reuben Woolley - skins

Prote(s)xt imprint books

P-001 Andre Bagoo - The City of Dreadful Night
P-002 Aaron Kent - Bampy
P-003 James Caley - 4 Steps From The Wire
P-004 Pascal O’Loughlin - The Conspirators
P-005 Zachary Payne - Termites: the illegal occupation of paradise
P-006 Catherine Vidler - 78 Composite Lost Sonnets 
P-007 James Knight - Void Voices
P-009 Thomas Havlik - durch / through
P-010 Michael Prihoda - Out of the Sky
P-011 Kathryn Hummel - A Few Franks for Dearest Dominic
P-012 Kathryn Hummel - Splashback
P-013 Matthew Turner - Other Rooms
P-014 Elancharan Gunasekaran - Superatomicluminal
P-015 Catherine Vidler - 2_154_77_79_38
P-016 David & Lizzy Turner - 10 cups of coffee
P-017 Leanne Bridgewater - Dharma Dialog
P-018 Pedro Eiras - This Is The Way The World Ends
P-019 Martin Wakefield - Zugunruhe
P-020 TBC
P-021 Zachary Payne - Beyond Heroin
P-022 Konstantinos Papacharalampos - Exchange
P-023 Paul Robinson - Genesis/Terminus
P-024 Michael Sutton - music/lyrics


Phillipa Nayer - Thou Shalt Not Suffer
Lucy Humphreys - Kintsukuroi

(all pamphlets listed below are now sold out, some available as free pdf’s)

Sarer Scotthorne - The Blood House (2nd edition paperback - see above)
Lucy Furlong - clew (2nd expanded paperback edition due 2024)
Antony Owen - Margaret Thatcher’s Museum free pdf
Rupert Loydell - Reasons
Christopher Mulrooney - reservation free pdf
Linton SM - Run
Neil Sparkes/Sarer Scotthorne - Zerox Sonnets & X-Ray Blues
Boscombe Revolution Issue 1 - Place & Revolution free pdf 
Boscombe Revolution Issue 2 - Sound & Revolution free pdf
Boscombe Revolution Issue 3 - Gender & Revolution free pdf
Boscombe Revolution Issue 4 - Revolution & Free Speech 
Hydrazine free pdf 
West Side Herstory 1 
West Side Herstory 2 
West Side Herstory 3