Sarer Scotthorne

feminist, poet, artist, co-editor of Hesterglock Press


︎ The Blood House (Hesterglock Press 2014)

first edition £5 hand-made pamphlet SOLD OUT

second edition paperback due Feb 10

‘I felt the pulse, certainly;
the life, breath, exposure of nerve ends.’  - Iain Sinclair

The Blood House is reviewed by Andie Berryman for Sabotage Reviews ︎ here
and by Steve Willey for his Transmissions Series ︎ here.

︎ Semblance (Erbacce Press, 2016)

‘ . . . a balance of introspection and activity, Scotthorne’s work hurts the soul through its jabs, chops and violent attacks all executed with fine self-control and patient care born of long practice . . .’
 - Jude Cowan Montague

It’s all about my relationship with my martial arts swords. My chance meeting with film maker/translator Albert Zhang in 2015, and subsequent conversations led me to write Semblance. I owe Albert a debt of gratitude for making this poetry and my Chinese Martial Arts into a film of the same name and for translating these poems into Mandarin and Cantonese.
You can buy a signed copy direct from me for £4.95 + postage (£1.00 p & p UK, £2.50 worldwide) via Paypal by clicking here.

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