Sarer Scotthorne

︎ poet
︎ artist
︎ co-founder of Hesterglock Press
︎ associate editor

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Sarer is a poet and a physical performer, she played Gregor in her twenties in Kafka’s Metamorphosis, shape shifting into a young man, a beetle and back to herself. She co-founded Hesterglock Press and is currently associate editor. Her publications are The Blood House, Semblance and she has co-edited a number of anthologies including Writing Utopia 2020. Sarer is researching poetics and Mindfulness for her PhD at Surrey University. She has been employed teaching Wutan Chinese martial arts in Bristol, for thirty-five years. Her full collection of visual and word poetry Mutter is due for publication in 2023.


The Blood House
(Hesterglock Press 2014)

1st edition handmade pamphlet

2nd edition paperback
£7.50 buy

‘I felt the pulse, certainly; the life, breath, exposure of nerve ends.’
- Iain Sinclair

The Blood House is reviewed by Andie Berryman for Sabotage Reviews here and by Steve Willey for his Transmissions Series here.

Semblance  (Erbacce Press, 2016)

Buy a signed copy direct from Sarer for £4.95 + postage (£2.00 p & p UK, £3.50 worldwide) via Paypal by
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‘ . . . a balance of introspection and activity, Scotthorne’s work hurts the soul through its jabs, chops and violent attacks all executed with fine self-control and patient care born of long practice . . .’
- Jude Cowan Montague

“It’s all about my relationship with my martial arts swords. My chance meeting with film maker/translator Albert Zhang in 2015, and subsequent conversations led me to write Semblance. I owe Albert a debt of gratitude formaking this poetry and my Chinese Martial Arts into a film of the same name and for translating these poems into Mandarin and Cantonese.“
- Sarer Scotthorne