editor: Paul Hawkins
editor: Sarer Scotthorne
art & design: Bob Modem


Poem Brut & other projects

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est. circa 2012
an unfunded small press
based in Bristol
The Blood House
Sarer Scotthorne

1st edition handmade A5
2013 pamphlet

ISBN: 978-1916159433
Second edition paperback
150mm x 230mm

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Adam Steiner for Here Comes Everything

Andie Berryman for Sabotage Reviews

Steve Willey for Transmissions

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Our first ever pamphlet; A5, hand-made covers, over 450 copies lovingly put together with ltd. edition bloodstained endpapers and a colour print of Sarer’s Blood House painting on the front cover.

“I felt the pulse, certainly; the life, breath, exposure of nerve ends”
- Iain Sinclair

“Sarer Scotthorne’s meticulously documented psychodramas suggest there is no crevice of the human heart and mind that should not be visited. If you ever doubted the meaning of artistic courage, read these poems.”
- Tim Liardet

Sarer is a poet and a physical performer, she played Gregor in her twenties in Kafka’s Metamorphosis, shape shifting into a young man, a beetle and back to herself. She co-founded Hesterglock Press and is currently associate editor. Her publications are The Blood House, Semblance and she has co-edited a number of anthologies including Writing Utopia 2020. Sarer is researching poetics and Mindfulness for her PhD at Surrey University. She has been employed teaching Wutan Chinese martial arts in Bristol, for thirty-five years. Her full collection of visual and word poetry Mutter is due for publication in 2023.