The Blood House
Sarer Scotthorne

1st edition handmade A5 pamphlet £5

2nd edition paperback due Feb 10 2020

Our first ever pamphlet; A5, hand-made covers, each one lovingly put together with ltd. edition bloodstained endpapers and a colour print of Sarer’s Blood House painting on the front cover .

These beautiful poems come from a bold, brave soul and a true poetic heart. A stunning collection and a delicious read from start to finish
Salena Godden

I felt the pulse, certainly; the life, breath, exposure of nerve ends
Iain Sinclair

Sarer Scotthorne’s meticulously documented psychodramas suggest there is no crevice of the human heart and mind that should not be visited. If you ever doubted the meaning of artistic courage, read these poems
Tim Liardet


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