Should we meet at the crossroads, keep walking

The Perambulator

327 pages
2020 paperback date TBC

cover artwork: John Holten / cover art photo: Kevin Pollard
editor: Chris Jones / typeset by Super Eclectic
Flycatcher linocut: Anna-Stina Jungerstam

Don McCracken is a Scottish artist living in Helsinki with his Finnish family. Here, amongst many other things, he runs ︎︎︎Flycatcher. He created a stone circle around Helsinki. He had heard about the fabled Kristina Bruuk album and wanted to know if each of these stones in the circle could be related symbolically to each of the tracks on this album. His novel is about this.

Listen to Don reading from the novel. The Sound of One Man Walking is taken from The Dreary Heather Club album

Read an excerpt from Bill Drummond’s introduction here