editor: Paul Hawkins
editor: Sarer Scotthorne
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est. circa 2012
an unfunded small press
based in Bristol
Selected Text Art 2010-2020
Bruno Neiva

ISBN: 9781739807108
200 x 250 mm
106 page full colour paperback
£15 + p&p buy

Bruno Neiva is a Portuguese text artist, poet, translator, and teacher.
Author of: Table of Contents I, Onstage, Binder Clip Series, Threshold Drafts, The Museum of Boughs.
Co-author of: Walking Board (w/ Bárbara Mesquita), Ballroom Etiquette (w/ Maria Brito), Undertones (w/ Chris Turnbull), The Secret of Good Posture (w/ Paul Hawkins), Servant Drone (w/ Paul Hawkins).
Some of his work has appeared in a number of magazines and anthologies.
Teaches experimental writing at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto:

Contributes regularly to the PO.EX - Digital Archive of Portuguese Experimental Poetry.

Website: https://brunoneiva.weebly.com

“We might think of Bruno Neiva as a sort of double agent, operating in the shadowy borderlands of art and writing, reading the stars, swerving the searchlights, playing both sides but ultimately belonging to neither, making his own way, plotting his own course. It’s getting on for a decade since I irst encountered Neiva and over that time he’s emerged as a deft, distinctive practitioner, an oblique visionary, weaving found and new material into a glitching, shimmering post-digital tapestry. If you’re unfamiliar with Neiva’s work, Selected Text Art 2010-2020 is an excellent primer, show- casing the breadth of his output . . .”
- Tom Jenks