Patrick Cosgrove

premium colour
perfect bound paperback
due 2023

for more info on Patrick’s first book for us, BIROS look here

“There is no one in the England doing more important poetry than Patrick Cosgrove with his biros and his clouds and his bubbles and his philosophers in limbo and his knotty awful beautiful terrible homely kindly visual poems / art poems / text arts / scrawl balls / lost notes for a machine that will doom / cure us all from what we have been through. Biros is a true original, about more than what poems become when hand-made, illustrative and expansive, asking actually what came first? The pen or the poet that wields it."
- SJ Fowler

Patrick is an artist/ poet who works across different mediums – digital, collage, drawing, sculpture, visual poetry, sound, performance, film… Whatever it is he’s doing, he tries not to think about it too much. Sometimes something emerges that he’s happy with. He has a website here

Eachwhat Studio, Broadwalk Centre, Bristol BS4 2QU