Astra Papachristodoulou

13 x 20 colour paperback 2019
ISBN: 9780464499107
38 pages
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We publish Astropolis (expanded second edition) by Astra  in Aug 2020

“blockplay is an experiment in mindful semiotics, a retelling of babylonian towers, and a manual to destruction as play. ”
- Vilde Valerie

“A new poetry for the ludic, Blockplay merges familiar shapes with the scribbled word in a Steinian fashion, releasing the association with play from its domestic constraints and rendering it sensual, uncanny.”

- Nadia de Vries

This commemorative book will be produced to mark a Jenga poem commission by The Poetry Society that was created for the visitors of The Poetry Café.

Astra Papachristodoulou is a poet, curator & artist. Her published books include Almost a Nightmare (Sampson Low 2017), Songs from Astropolis (HVTN Press 2018), Clockwork (Ampersand Publishing 2018) & Almost a Dream (Sampson Low 2019).