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est. circa 2012
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Notes Of A Mongrel’s DNA
Lydia Hounat

ISBN: 978-1739807160
190 x 190 mm
50 page paperback
£8 + p&p
Nov 30, 2023

I am a British-Algerian (Kabyle) writer and photographer from Manchester, England. I’m interested in mixed heritage, sex, and intergenerational trauma, and how we can use mixed-media to narrate these experiences. I’m currently undertaking a PhD at Falmouth University / University Arts London.

I move between Manchester, London and Cornwall. I co- founded SOBER Magazine with my friend Rupert Phillips in 2018, and acted as Poetry Editor for REALITY BEACH between 2016 - 2019. I also sporadically run litbitch where I review literature.

Lydia Hounat April, 2023
for more look here lydiahounat.co.uk

'Lydia Hounat's Notes of a Mongrel's DNA is so good. In its refusal to explain or gloss. In its splayed, woven forms. In its cut-ups of phrases, names, places (re)mixed and estranged. In its transformation of racial melancholia into a shimmering chromosaic. This is work to make them scream.'
— Will Harris

‘She promises to be a major force on the British literary scene.’
— Malika Booker

'Here is the sum, its parts, and riotous collision. Here is the invisible and the hypervisible, the distorted and the mixture, the survival and the joy. Here are the fierce, electric configurations of an unapologetic ‘mongrelhood’.’
— Prerana Kumar