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est. circa 2012
an unfunded small press
based in Bristol
Tim Gaze

glitch poetry/visual noise /asemic /experimental

ISBN: 9798211772410
150 x 230 mm
68 page paperback
£15:00 + p&p buy

Tim was interviewed by freelance journalist & writer Sam Woolfe on Jan 9, you can read Tim Gaze, a pioneer of Asemic Writing here

Book Review by Sam Woolf: Glyphs of Uncertain Meaning by Tim Gaze can be read here

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Buy a copy of Tim gaze’s Noology here

Cascade from Tim Gaze on Vimeo

A wobble in the eye, the idea of letters, a malfunctioning language, ribbons of defect, amended and converted alphabet, symbology borne happenstance, international communiques, glitch-driven logic, disintegration bop, associative swarm, visual obfuscation, sabotaged text, broken and misspelled, subverted markings.
- Niko Vassilakis (excerpt)