Andrew Wells

13 x 20 cm paperback
due Sept 2020
pre-orders open in August

Andrew Wells has work in Amberflora, 3:AM Magazine, Minor Literature(s), Poetry Wales, Fanzine, and The Scores, among others. He is also the author of J/W/U (Pyramid, 2016). He is co-editor of HVTN Press.

Wells chews over language in a satisfyingly meticulous way, combing through assonance and etymologies until you are delivered of each poem feeling thoroughly worked out. I’m in love with the saltiness of this verse, the crunchy shingle-under-foot-ness of it all.  Wells manages to portray a deft and nuanced pleasure in trying to work things out, and finds humour in existential fallibility: ‘I like that I / lost when the water tower / was directly in front of / me and distance demanded / blue’s bestest grammar’.
 - Anna Cathenka on SEALED

Sealed is a journey through ever-shifting tidal geographies populated by a sparse set of characters lashed to one another and their unfixed world through an interrogation of relationships and realities. Wells creates a looking-glass world and invites the reader to (re)examine the constructions of both language and self. Alive to the possibilities and falsities enacted through poetic language and form, these adept and aware poems move like water: flowing, ebbing, questioning, revealing.
- Petra Kamula on SEALED