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Partial Leaves from The Gospel of John - Volume 1
John Murry with Will Russell

105 x 148 mm
68 pp (white text on black pages)
July 4, 2022£12.50 + p&p worldwide
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typeset/layout: Bob Modem

Ltd. edition Partial Leaves data stick. One left. More info & to buy look here
cover collage artwork by Craig Carry - see more of Craig’s work here

John’s website is here

Much more info on writer Will Russell here

Over at Hesterglock Press towers in deepest Bristol we’re genuinely excited to publish Volume 1 of this book on July 4th. I first made contact with John through the much-missed (?) counter-culture blog The Brink way back in the mid 2000’s, interviewing him and Bob Frank (RIP) around 2006. The World Without End interview Parts 1 & 2 found it’s way onto The Brink as well as Outsideleft, where it can still be read here.

I met John in London in 2006 when he and Bob Frank were touring Europe with Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express. We gelled in a messy kind of way and then lost contact. I didn’t see John until he was touring The Graceless Age album, at a gig in Brighton. A powerful performance. Wierdly we were now both clean & sober. We drifted again and years later I was sitting in a community cafe in Bristol when who should walk in but Mr. Murry. We were surprised to see each other. John was working on his latest album, the stars are god’s bullet holes. Again, we drifted, but not for long. We were soon sharing stories and books, talking about poetry, visual art, revolution, politics, daughters and writer Will Russell, who John had been working with on Partial Leaves. They sent me a draft manuscript and I immediately wanted to publish it.

So here it is.

It’s beautifully good. I read somewhere that all hotel’s are soon to be required by law to have a copy of Partial Leaves in every room. Reading a page is as good as one of your 5-a-day vitamin supplements according to shamans and sages. Read the whole book and you’re assured a place at the top table. Who’s top table?

Well, that’s for you to find out …

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Jan 14, 2023: Partial Leaves Book Launch w/John Murry, Will Russell, Sarer Scotthorne & Paul Hawkins (tbc) readings music provocations @ Clifton Community Bookshop 10, Clifton Road, Bristol, BS8 1AF early start 19:00 all details are subject to confirmation

John Murry - Oscar Wilde (Came Here To Make Fun of You)
Produced by John Parish
Video directed/filmed by Aidan Gillan, filmed by Michael Cronin, edited & produced by Kingston

Here’s an interview John did with Sean Hannam for Hi-Fi+ magazine in the July Issue, 2021, for their website look here

Sean’s a freelancer & writes for Hi-Fi+ every month. For his website / blog look here

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