Rose Knapp

Artistically a self-instructeur, Rose’s philosophical studies incessantly contrasting within Metamodernist Formalist poetic dialogues creating fragmented automatic texts evoking Neo-Dadaist, Surrealist, and Futurist aesthetics in imagistic contortionist vortices. Musically she produces Brutalist electronic sound statuettes | Spectralist syntheses & dissociated distorted multiverses of concrète silicon αἰθήρ |

She has LP's & EP's released with Natural Sciences, Aa3 Corp., D.M.T. Records, Great Circles, Always Human Tapes, Far East Sound, and others. She has poetry collections published with Hesterglock Press, Dostoyevsky Wannabe, and forthcoming with The Operating System and Éditions du Cygne.

Rose Knapp [Producer Alias: ‡Starving Poet§] is a decadent aestheticist poetess, electronic producer, hauteur, and flâneuse.

Also published by Rose Knapp:

گل سرخDaDasBatshitKapistillஇ௫உ
ISBN: 9781326915575
2017 paperback £8 buy

ISBN: 979-8715759245
220 x 280 mm
75 page perfect bound
2021 paperback
£8 + p&p buy

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