Postcards From Mental States
Julia Rose Lewis & Paul Hawkins
colour paperback
due March 2023
visual poetry
photo poetry

Jan 29: Poem Brut at Hundred Years Gallery, London E2, 3.30pm, free Entry w/Laura Davis, Felix McNamara, Julia Rose Lewis, Paul Hawkins, Susie Campbell, Simon Tyrrell, Bob T Bright, SJ Fowler, Yoshiki Ukai and Mark Rutter alongside the launch of “Biros II” by Patrick Cosgrove from Hesterglock Press

lewis & hawkins will be performing together airing new Postcards From Mental States poems as well as artwork(s)

Postcards From Mental States

Our collaborative project, Postcards From Mental States started by exchanging digital archives of travelling through America at times when we had both felt overwhelmed; a simple realisation that we tend to document difficult times in our lives. We create archives of ourselves to revise at a time when we are less overwhelmed. We know we are very easy to very easily overwhelmed. If whelm originally meant to overturn, then a vessel is implied here. To overwhelm is to over-repeat turn a vessel. Turning over an engine gets a motorboat started, and yet overturning a boat pauses or stops the boat in the water. Exchanging our personal archives felt like turning over an hourglass. The passage of sand back and forth and back and forth is a soothing and subtle reference to death. The pattern of sand grains runs on the hourglass . . .

Nov. 2022


Re-entry Is It’s Own Event
Rose Lewis/Hawkins

Julia and Paul have been working collaboratively on a photo-poetry project since early 2021 or so.

Some of this work (see below) was published in Holding Patterns (Beir Bua Press, 2021) a collaboration w/Julia Rose Lewis is £9.99 + p&p buy a copy here

There was a Holding Patterns book launch and a print exhibition at Eachwhat Studio, The Broadwalk Centre, Bristol BS4 2QU in 2022.

The print exhibition actually ran from March 26 - April 27, 2022

March 27 - April 27: Holding Patterns Print Exhibition & Book Launch @ Eachwhat Studio #bristol

Julia was interviewed by Beir Bua Press about Holding Patterns, read the interview here

Holding Patterns Ltd edition prints

full colour, 350gsm silk paper

If Forgiven 510 x 410 mm £100.00
Quarto 510 x 410 mm £100.00

Grading Rubric 410 x 310 mm £60.00
Hosepipe Curtains 410 x 310 mm £60.00
Night Owl Morning Shuffle 410 x 310 mm £60.00
Underwhelming 410 x 310 mm £60.00
Tercio 410 x 310 mm £60.00
Traffuck 410 x 310 mm £60.00

Prints can be bought singly or in any combination.
SPECIAL OFFER: All 8 prints for £400.00 + p&p worldwide

Email me here to place your order

There was also a Beir Bua Press online book launch in December, 2021 which can be viewed below.


The first fruits of this collaboration were published in book form as Holding Patterns by Beir Bua Press in December 2021.

“We started by exchanging digital archives of traveling through America at times when we were overwhelmed, shaken, overrun and worn down by particular personal circumstances. We’ve created a third archive of shared visual poetry with the intention of organizing the visual poetry into a collection exploring the nature of travel, technology, memory and place and what it means to be easily overwhelmed in twenty-first century America. We concluded that balancing the past, the present and the future is somewhat akin to air traffic controllers guiding/marshalling their airborne responsibilities into holding patterns, until circumstances are right for them to move on. This work harnesses technology to share, re-think, appropriate, re-designate, re-document, de-memorialise. Taking place deep within this collaborative exchange is a remarkable transformation; placing those memories/circumstances/emotional responses in slow (e)mo(tion) holding patterns until each of us feels ready to move on.”

November, 2021 

Holding Patterns (Beir Bua Press, 2021) collaboration w/Julia Rose Lewis
£9.99 + p&p buy a copy here

Special Edition set of six Holding Patterns postcards and prints - email me for more information and prices

Julia was interviewed by Beir Bua Press about Holding Patterns, you can read the interview here

Serendip Studios published some work from Holding Patterns which you can view here

Praise for Holding Patterns:

“ A stunning travel record of everyday visual poetry.. Holding Patterns draws attention to and invites the viewer to consider textures, colours and shapes of the ordinary with an open mind of vast possibilities. Mesmerising and artistic.”
- Rezia Wahid

“When I’m in a Holding Pattern, in flight, I’m able to do my most lucid of thinking; momentarily, I’m free. At these times I reach for a camera. Creating a dialogue of images collected in states of overwhelmed-ness must help us process, even if to divert us from our inability to land ourselves.”
- Tom Skipp

“Lewis and Hawkins sensitively deploy unexpected colour saturation and light exposure, off-kilter framing, and oblique perspectives to suggest permeability and fragility in the face of the barrage of sensory stimuli which is America and indeed, much of the world, today. The collection overtly explores themes of travel, technology, memory and place, but it is also a moving synthesis of two personal archives which tell of the pain and queasiness of sensory overload.”
- Susie Campbell

This is an ongoing collaboration, and will be published in full in print form by Hesterglock Press. Postcards from Mental States is due autumn 2022.