Chris Kerr
Nam Gal Sips Clark
paperback due 2021

April 19th 2021: Chris Kerr reading from his forthcoming book, Nam Gal Sips Clark at the opening day of an exhibition; A History of Unnecessary Developments by Tereza Stehlikova & SJ Fowler at Willesden Gallery, Willesden Green Library London.  More details here

Chris Kerr lives in Brighton. His first pamphlet, Citidyll, was published by Broken Sleep Books. He is the co-author of ./code --poetry with Daniel Holden. Chris’s work has appeared in Ambit, Anthropocene, Adjacent Pineapple, Blackbox Manifold, code::art, Haverthorn, Oxford Poetry, The Literateur, Poem Atlas, Tentacular and The Babel Tower Notice Board.