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01-02-2023        (033)
No. 6

from a dormant sound project
for more EW Sound look here ︎

01-02-2023        (031)
On The Brink Pt.1 

Opening gambit. Text in IM Fell DW pica & Colour Dot.

01–29–2023        (027)29 Jan - Poem Brut at Hundred Years Gallery

Pearson St. London E2,
3.30pm, free entry w/Laura Davis, Felix McNamara, Julia Rose Lewis, Paul Hawkins, Susie Campbell, Simon Tyrrell, Bob T Bright, SJ Fowler, Yoshiki Ukai and Mark Rutter alongside the launch of Biros II by Patrick Cosgrove
all performances can be viewed here

12–01–2023      (024)

HANDSFREE (Steel Incisors)
£12 + p&p buy HERE

A 21st century visual poetry response to a classic of French Surrealism. Modem’s deconstructions of Wakefield’s reimaginings of Paul Eluard’s illustrations of Man Ray’s drawings from Part 1 ofLes Main Libres.

03–31–2023        (026)

Postcards from Mental States (Hesterglock Press)

a collaboration - Julia Rose Lewis & Paul Hawkins

due March 2023

12–18–2022        (025)

Living With Other People
an anthology for indefinite times (Corrupted Poetry, 2022)
£10 + p&p buy here

Poems  and visual work which sense it’s all too easy to misunderstand, even our own actions and behaviour.

"Read to be transformed.”  Alice Hiller

anthology contributor

01–11–2023        (028)

We’ve vacated Eachwhat Studio premises at Unit 18, The Broadwalk Centre, Bristol & have re-located. Made possible by Hypha Studios, we used the Unit for 18 months as a studio workspace, a gallery and for events. 

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