future facing


Martin Wakefield
paperback £3 more info

original plus DUB anthology
paperback £10 more info

Unfinished Memmoirs of a Hypocrit
SJ Fowler
paperback £8 more info

Daniele Pantano
paperback £13 more info

Dharma Dialog
Leanne Bridgewater
paperback £10 more info

Due soon

Astra Papachristodoulou
paperback £9 due Dec 5 more info

Dec 5: Blockplay Launch - An Evening of Object Poetry at The Poetry Café, 22 Betterton Street, London, WC2H 9BX from 7pm, free entry

Xerox Sonnets & X-Ray Blues
Neil Sparkes
paperback due Nov more info

Due 2020

Jan 15: Pedro Eiras - This Is the Way the World Ends
Feb 1: Sally-Shakti Willow - [un].holy : 33 sonnets for Brigid
Feb 8: David Turner - Contained
May 1: anthology - Writing Utopia
Sept 1: Andrew Wells - Sealed

Sarer Scotthorne - The Blood House (2nd edition)
SJ Fowler - Soft Rich Digital Ghosts; tweeting carparks dry
Louis Armand & John Kinsella - Monument
Miggy Angel - The Poetarium
Vik Shirley - Blue 
Paul Hawkins - Place Waste Dissent (2nd edition)
Lucy Furlong - clew (2nd edition)

and new books by Sarer Scotthorne, SJ Fowler (in collaboration with The Aleph) & Steve Ryan/Paul Hawkins


Prote(s)xt imprint:

In April 2018 we started a new imprint, Prote(s)xt to experiment with a different model.

Established to publish work that is radical, affordable, experimental & anti-systems of oppression, intersectional, across form(s) & across discipline(s):

  • we sell at cost price
  • authors set their own price for selling their books 
  • all Prote(s)xt books share the same cover art & layout
  • we publish via the best suited print-on-demand provider for each book/project

Aim(s) :

We strive to make positive links between non-profit literary, artistic & political worth NOT corporate, capitalist values of financial return, profit & monetary worth.

Andre Bagoo
Aaron Kent
James Caley
Pascal O’Loughlin
Zachary Payne
Catherine Vidler

James Knight
Arturo Desimone
Thomas Havlik
Michael Prihoda
Kathryn Hummel
Kathryn Hummel
Matthew Turner
Elancharan Gunasekaran
Catherine Vidler
David & Lizzy Turner
Leanne Bridgewater
Pedro Eiras
Martin Wakefield
Miggy Angel

As well as buying books & artworks, your material support through Patreon enables us to receive a stable monthly income to continue creating & writing as well as supporting Hesterglock Press & the Prote(s)xt imprint to keep going, in return for great, free things, like books, exclusive artworks, digital goodies, take a look here

Paul Hawkins works mainly in poetry, visual art & performance. Sarer Scotthorne is a poet, martial-artist & much more.
Sarer & Paul co-run Hesterglock Press, publishing mostly the avant-garde // future-facing

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