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est. circa 2012
an unfunded small press
based in Bristol

Aug 29: launch of SJ Fowler’s The Parts of the Body That Stink (softcover edition with cover design by Babak Safari) at The Poetry Cafe, Covent Garden, London more details to follow

The thing that stinks the most … is you!

Or this book. Who cares? That’s not what this is about at all. You stink, I stink, everything worthwhile stinks. Smell it while you can. This is an eccentric poetry book by most standards, divided into five chapters, each a long poem. Nose, pits, feet, anas, genitae. All about how we smell and what that might worry in us. For example let’s not get obsessed with what we’ll smell of in the grave! After all, you smell right now. Let’s just read, and for one day, not give ourselves a scrubbing.

On Saturday June 22 Sarer Scotthorne launched her new pamphlet Suggested Breathing with an event at 25 Wathen Road, Bristol BS6 5BY from 15:00. There was tea, coffee, poetry, performances, readings, books for sale, flowers, cats, bubbly, popcorn & some martial arts.


Peter Jaeger & Paul Hawkins - Troposphere - free PDF here
Sarer Scotthorne - Suggested Breathing £8.50 BUY
Jules Sprake - Shrink a Crisp Packet £8 BUY
SJ Fowler - The Parts of the Body That Stink (ltd edition of 50 hardback copies) £20 BUY

forthcoming publications are currently suspended:

Laura Davis - title TBC (2024)
Ali Graham/Mischa Foster Poole - On This Side A Plague Year (September, 2024)

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