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Vik Shirley - Disrupted Blue and other poems on Polaroid
Rose Knapp - Tantric
The Perambulator - Should we Meet at the Crossroads, Keep Walking

June 15: Franco Cortese - її lí vì ei ii dì ei
June 17: Paul Hawkins - WHY CHANT MEAT
June 17: Phoetry Surfaces exhibition catalogue
Sept 15: Paul Robinson - Genesis|Terminus
Oct 5: Bruno Neiva - Text Art 2010-2020
Oct 30: Chris Kerr - Nam Gal Sips Clark
Miggy Angel -  My Culture Is Flowers
Paul Hawkins & Steve Ryan - FLEA
Phoetry : Selected Photo Poems of SJ Fowler (w/The Aleph)
Neil Sparkes - Xerox Sonnets & X-Ray Blues

You can view the Hesterglock Exhibition 2020 HERE
See also our Prote(s)xt imprint catalogue

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