Latest books: 

Photo Poetry SURFACES 2021 exhibition catalogue
Paul Hawkins - WHY CHANT MEAT
Franco Cortese - її lí vì ei ii dì ei
Vik Shirley - Disrupted Blue and other poems on Polaroid
Rose Knapp - Tantric
The Perambulator - Should we Meet at the Crossroads, Keep Walking


O.O.I.P.P. July 19-25 2021: a brand new online festival featuring work from 15 of the UK's best indie presses and 55 exceptional poets over the space of a week ︎︎︎info/tickets inc. Hesterglock Press’s Sarer Scotthorne, Martin Wakefield, Louis Armand & Michael Sutton

June - Dec 2021: Photo Poetry SURFACES Exhibition view HERE
Due in 2021:

Sept 15: Paul Robinson - Genesis|Terminus
Oct 5: Bruno Neiva - Text Art 2010-2020
Oct 30: Chris Kerr - Nam Gal Sips Clark, Patrick Cosgrove - BIROS & Martin Wakefield - Jungle Gym
Poetos and Phoems : Selected Photopoems of SJ Fowler (w/The Aleph)
+ new books by Sarer Scotthorne, Miggy Angel & Neil Sparkes