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Cat No: P-005

TERMITES : the illegal occupation of paradise
Zachary Payne
paperback £2.83 buy
"Termites: the illegal occupation of paradise is a powerful work of decolonial and documentary poetry about the illegal and brutal overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom by the “United States of Aggression.” Interwoven is the story of the poet, who was born in Utah, educated in Spain, and employed in Hawaiʻi as an Exterminator. Throughout, Payne explores what it means to live on occupied land, to kill so easily, to be haunted by the ghosts of history, and to desire peace and beauty."
—Craig Santos Perez

Poet, Professor and author of serial non-linear epic book from UNINCORPORATED TERRITORY, Winner of the American Book Award (2015)

Zachary Payne is poet and translator who works as a Spanish and Applied Linguistics Professor on the island of Oahu.  He learned Spanish at the age of 19 and in this new language he regained his lost creativity and Spanish became the language of his poetic voice.
He received his Ph.D. from the Complutense University in Madrid, in Spanish and Latin American Thought. Zachary is a member of the Editorial Collective for Caja de Resistencia (cajaderesistencia.cc) a contemporary online poetry journal that specializes in Critical or Dissident poetry.
Poetically he has published poetry chapbooks in Spanish in Peru and Spain and has published two full collections of poems in Spanish, the most recent being Robos, Setas & Sombras (Huerga y Fierro, 2014) and was included in the anthology: Disidentes: antología de poetas críticos españoles 1990-2014. (La oveja roja, 2015).
Zach continues to write in Spanish but on occasions will write in English. Termites: the illegal occupation of paradise with Prote(s)xt in Hesterglock Press is his first poetry collection written entirely in English.
Twitter: @arteenlazanja