Protes(x)t imprint

Established in 2018, an experiment with a different model to publish work that is radical, affordable, experimental & anti-systems of oppression, intersectional, across form(s) & across discipline(s):

  • we sell at cost price
  • authors set their own price for selling their books 
  • all Prote(s)xt books share the same cover art & layout (pretty much)
  • we publish via the best suited print-on-demand provider for each book/project

Aim(s) :

We strive to make positive links between non-profit literary, artistic & political worth rather than corporate, capitalist values of financial return, profit & monetary worth


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︎ creative artistic writing
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︎ innovative

Catalogue: (click on a title for more info)

P-001 Andre Bagoo - The City of Dreadful Night

P-002 Aaron Kent - Bampy

P-003 James Caley - 4 Steps From The Wire

P-004 Pascal O’Loughlin - The Conspirators

P-005 Zachary Payne - Termites: the illegal occupation of paradise

P-006 Catherine Vidler - 78 Composite Lost Sonnets

P-007 James Knight - Void Voices

P-008 Arturo Desimone - Poems of the Mare
Nostrum/Costa Nostra

P-009 Thomas Havlik - durch / through

P-010 Michael Prihoda - Out of the Sky

P-011 Kathryn Hummel - A Few Franks for Dearest Dominic

P-012 Kathryn Hummel - Splashback

P-013 Matthew Turner - Other Rooms

P-014 Elancharan Gunasekaran - Superatomicluminal

P-015 Catherine Vidler - 2_154_77_79_38

P-016 David & Lizzy Turner - 10 cups of coffee

P-017 Leanne Bridgewater - Dharma Dialog

P-018 Pedro Eiras - This Is The Way The World Ends

P-019 Martin Wakefield - Zugunruhe

P-020 TBC

P-021 Zachary Payne - Beyond Heroin

P-022 Konstantinos Papacharalampos - Exchange

P-023 Paul Robinson - Genesis/Terminus

P-024 Michael Sutton - music/lyrics