publishing mostly the avant-garde // future-facing, co-run by Paul Hawkins & Sarer Scotthorne


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︎ Paul Hawkins works mainly in poetry, visual art & performance

︎ Sarer Scotthorne is a poet, martial-artist & much more.

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Phone: +44 7826 124827

Founded: 2013

︎  hesterglock at gmail dot com



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I owe a huge debt to my friend Steven J Fowler for the inspiration, encouragement and for generally shining the light on what poetry and collaboration can be, whether in performance, writing, film, art, or Camarade, Enemies, Mahu, Poem Brut, Photolit . . .  and a big, heartfelt thank you to all the generous, patient & wonderful human beings, artists, poets, musicians, writers who have persevered with me over time to work together, to collaborate on these projects. Thank you.