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Phoetry Surfaces
exhibition catalogue
full colour paperback
due June 19 

As part of the Bristol Photo Festival 2021, the photo-poetry activities (organized by David Solo, Astra Papachristodoulou and Paul Hawkins) will be exploring and presenting a range of photo-poetic works. The program will map out the range of combinations in photo-poetic works (and sometimes going outside the lines), exhibit a selection of current examples, and present mixed media presentations of the work. There will also be a series of conversations about the nature of such collaborations, how such material may be “read” and looking at ways to assess or evaluate it.

The exhibition and events will include work from the following:

Liz Berry/Tom Hicks
Laurent Chevalier
Vik Shirley
Silje Ree
James Knight
Yasmine Seale
Sarah Cave/Dragana Jurisic
Amak Mahmoodian
Chris McCabe/Sophie Herxheimer
Astra Papachristodoulou
Paul Hawkins
Steven Fowler/Bard Torgersen
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