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Cat No: P-018

This Is the Way the World Ends
Pedro Eiras
paperback due Jan 15 2020 

This Is the Way the World Ends is a collection of endings from novels, short stories and other fictional texts. From each work only the last sentence is copied; no comment at all is added. This collection allows us to think about what is common to all the closures of narratives and how the obsession of the end imposes itself. On the other hand, since the end of a text is also the closure of a universe, this sequence of about two hundred quotes intends to think how writing describes – and maybe summons – the end of the world.

Pedro Eiras is Professor of Portuguese Literature at the University of Porto and Researcher at the Institute of Comparative Literature Margarida Losa. He is the author of several books of fiction (such as Bach or Cartas Reencontradas de Fernando Pessoa), theatre (staged in about 10 countries) and essays (on Portuguese literature, comparatist studies, ethical issues). In 2017 he published […] – Ensaio sobre os Mestres, a 500-page essay consisting solely of an assembly of quotations. His current research focuses on the representation and the imaginary of the end of the world.