publishing mostly the avant-garde // future-facing, co-run by Paul Hawkins & Sarer Scotthorne


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︎ Paul Hawkins works mainly in poetry, visual art & performance

︎ Sarer Scotthorne is a poet, martial-artist & much more.

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Phone: +44 7826 124827

Founded: 2013

︎  hesterglock at gmail dot com


Hesterglock Press/Paul Hawkins have a Patreon page.

Patreon enables a regular pledge of your choice to artists in return for special rewards & exclusives. Patreon's platform allows working class artists like those behind Hesterglock Press to receive a steady revenue stream. By signing-up and supporting us working in this way, you'll be helping to sustain an ongoing commitment to publishing radical & challenging books, collaborating with other artists and writers on projects that take-risks.

Please consider supporting our publishing in return for free things like books, exclusive artworks and digital goodies. 

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