Cat No: P-024

music / lyrics
Michael Sutton

a 13 x 20 cm Poem Brut paperback
ISBN: 978-1715010577
£4.00 available via Amazon etc

Michael Sutton was in conversation with Jane Ormerod  at great weather for MEDIA ︎ here

In 2018 Michael completed his undergraduate degree in Creative Writing at Edge Hill University, having won the Rhiannon Evans Poetry Award. His creative work has been featured in the Gateway Review, The Menteur, The Hellebore, and in Birds Fall Silent in the Mechanical Sea. He writes articles and reviews for The State of the Arts. In 2019 Michael was awarded the Streetcake Experimental Writing Prize for the poem Kommunikation which he has now annoyingly retitled The Negotiator. Michael is currently completing an MA in Creative Writing .

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