Cat No: P-017

Dharma Dialog
Leanne Bridgewater
15 x 23 colour paperback 2019
ISBN: 9780368938290
66 pages
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all profits from book sales will be donated to West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs & Warwickshire Against The Cull.  

Published in memory of Leanne Bridgewater; innovative poet, artist & animal rights campaigner 8 Dec 1989 - 1 March 2019

Many thanks to Jude Cowan Montague and The Sunday Tribune for generously publishing this article and thoughts on Leanne Bridgewater’s Dharma Dialog, which we published out recently.

"My sister Leanne and I had an unbreakable bond in life that continues even now after her death. Leanne would want us to focus on her life, her art and her beautiful words that she turned into brilliant poems. From just 7 years old Leanne loved to tear apart each word in the dictionary. One of my fondest memories of Leanne was when she wanted a thesaurus to study for her Birthday when she was a child. Leanne was a fun and free spirit who used words to express feelings in her mind at times. These words are not just dark but they connect you with the funny, loving outgoing character she was. You will never find another Leanne in this world. By buying a copy of this book you will also help one of the causes that she was so passionate about. Though Leanne's suicide was tragic, I want to make it clear that whenever you read one of Leanne's poems, or look at one of her pictures, you keep her spirit alive"- - Donna Bridgewater

In this posthumous collection so thoughtfully curated by Hesterglock Press we see much loved writer and artist Leanne Bridgewater unabridged in the two art forms that she loved the most, poetry and art. This hybrid of art-forms comes to life proving that a true artist like Leanne lives through every breath of each turned page. Having worked with Leanne on some collaborative projects I feel that this collection captures her spirit then releases it through each page like butterflies in the hands of the beholder ensuring she lives another day. Leanne was a huge loss to poetry because she was a huge find to it.
- - Antony Owen

Leanne was a poet and animal rights activist, championing the badgers. She could be found on sett watch or facepainting, bringing vegan cookies or wandering the lands and woods. Her poems are energetic and playful, direct and friendly. She had a unique voice and used it to save animals and entertain us all. - - The Sunday Tribune, 17/03/2019