4 Steps From The Wire
James Caley
15×23 colour paperback 2018
ISBN: 9780464869498
72 pages£4.43 / PDF £3 ︎buy
Office Suicide - James Caley
Purple Lady - James Caley

James Caley is a London-based poet & artist

James Caley AT Poem Brut / Rich Mix : November 10th 2018

Poet-artists from across the UK, Europe and the Americas descended on East London for a unique literary event celebrating the visual, visceral, messy, handwritten and colourful in poetic performance - a dozen new live poetry pieces made for the night from those exploring alternate ways of making literature. This was the 9th event in the Poem Brut series www.poembrut.com/richmix4
with thanks to SJ Fowler