est. 2013

Paul Hawkins
Sarer Scotthorne

typesetting, art & design: Bob Modem

email: hesterglock at gmail dot com

We publish innovative poetry, artistic creative writing & other projects

We also publish via our Prote(s)xt imprint  . . . look here

The following places stock our books:

Good Press, Glasgow
The National Poetry Library, London
Arnolfini, Bristol
Eachwhat Studio, Bristol

UK Distribution

+44 (0)1323 521555

‘The work Paul Hawkins and Sarer Scotthorne have done over the last number of years is really a source of encouragement, validation and hope for many poets writing around the edges of the Now (in the UK) because they are looking for the future. It is hard work, as it must often feel like digging a trench that fills with water, but their enthusiasm, sincerity and selflessness gives fuel to those like me, mining a weird and committed seam. I’m lucky to count them as friends, collaborators and supporters.’
- SJ Fowler, A note on: Unfinished Memoirs of a Hypocrit 2019

We strive to make positive links between non-profit, literary, artistic & political worth rather than corporate, capitalist values of financial return, profit & monetary worth. We don’t always get it right, but that’s how we learn.



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