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XII Prague Microfestival

International Writing, Art, Film, Theory and Performance

30 October – 1 November

feat. Enis Maci, German Sierra, Artis Ostups,  Dragana Mokan, Paul Hawkins, Sarer Scotthorne, Jo Blin, Nastasa Velikonja, John Treft, Nina Dragičević, Michael John Rowland, Kira Pietrek, Richard Makin, Mark Horvath & Adam Lovasz, Robin Mackay, Sheila Mannix, NØIR, Richard Marshall & Simone Hutchinson. Full online programme here

Due 2020

Lucy Furlong - clew (2nd edition)
Neil Sparkes - Xerox Sonnets & X-Ray Blues
Miggy Angel - The Poetarium
Steve Ryan & Paul Hawkins - Flea

Due 2021

01.23.21: The Perambulator - Should We Meet At The Crossroads, Keep Walking
March: Vik Shirley - Disrupted Blue & other poems on Polaroid
April: Phoetry : Selected Photo Poems of SJ Fowler (collab w/The Aleph)
May: Rose Knapp - Tantric
May: Franco Cortese - її lí vì ei ii dì ei
Bruno Neiva - Text Art 2010-2020
SJ Fowler - title TBC

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