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Steve Ryan & Paul Hawkins

Steve Ryan & Paul Hawkins

due 2020

following on from their DIISONANCE collaborations & responses to Place Waste Dissent comes abstract graphic novel FLEA

FLEA was originally developed as a performance piece, then appeared in Place Waste Dissent as a collaborative collage with Sarer Scotthorne, FLEA morphs into new spaces through deconstruction/reconstruction by Paul & Steve.

Steve and paul met in the early nineties squatting in Claremont Road, east London at the height of anti-road protests, poll-tax riots and dissent. They’ve tried to piece together the past from the future, making sense of the ghosts that stay with them and the trust they offer one another clarify’s shared feelings of confusion and love for their entwined topics; politicised, faltering, broken and rebuilt many times over.

Paul has written extensively on his experiences of squatting/protesting against the building of the M11 Link Road through east London, most recently in Place Waste Dissent (Influx Press 2015), which ‘plots the run-off, rackets and 90’s resistance to the proposed M11 Link Road; text experiments and collage from Claremont Road to Cameron. Memory traces re-surface the A12, words fight for space – and on occasion lose – against the images of police officers, residents, stilt walkers and emptied streets’. It also includes some of Steve’s iconic photography.

In #diisonance, Steve’s collaborative starting point is responding to Place Waste Dissent, with further memory travels and exotic imaginings. paul continues absorbing and responding to Steve’s artworks, and over time new psychological assemblages have evolved to pay tribute to the ghosts before they are laid to rest.

Read more about how the book came about, artist Steve Ryan, Claremont Road, Dolly Watson, the DIISONANCE exhibitions, performances and book it spawned, works-in-progress, other articles on the No M11 Campaign and anti-roadbuilding protests in the UK at the archive website
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