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Cat No: P-006

78 Composite Lost Sonnets
Catherine Vidler
paperback £4.91 buy

Every copy of 78 Composite Lost Sonnets purchased will come with a free digital copy of Catherine's Lost Sonnets, a highly-collectable, ltd. edition published by Timglaset Editions: an excellent visual companion. Print copies are now sold out, a free PDF from Timglaset Editions is here
Vidler’s beautifully oblique, diagrammatic pieces remind us that poetry has always been a numbers game. Lost Sonnets is like walking through a forest of winter trees on a clear, moonless night. Up above there are no clouds, only comets and constellations.
 - Tom Jenks

Lost Sonnets confidently places Vidler’s writing next to Shakespearean, Petrarchan and Spenserian forms; here metrics and rhyme look beyond language into a visual form ranging across the map of potentiality. Soon we will all be writing Vidlerian sonnets.
 - Derek Beaulieu

"78 Composite Lost Sonnets is a subtle sensory bombardment, a trigonometric trance track, visual poetry in a fugue state."
Tom Jenks reviews Lost Sonnets & 78 Composite Lost Sonnets over at Litter Magazine (part of Leafe Press). Read it here
Catherine Vidler lives in Sydney, Australia. Her recent publications include lost sonnets (Timglaset Editions, 2018), composite lost sonnets (SOd press, 2018), lost sonnets (Spacecraft Press, 2018), table sets (no press, 2017), lake labyl and table set poems (Penteract Press, 2017), table set poems (Spacecraft Press, 2017), lake labyl and chaingrass errata slips (SOd press, 2017), and chaingrass (zimZalla Object 039, 2016).