Boscombe Suite Boscombe

Boscombe Suite Boscombe - a soundtrack performed live to a film by Sarer Scotthorne by The Music Room Band on Dec 13th 2013. 
A Vita Nova project in conjunction with Sidemen Productions//Boscombe Bangfonia//Untold Boscombe//Hesterglock
The project was made possible by the following musicians, artists, poets, film-maker and local community organisations;

Vita Nova
The Co-op
Sidemen Productions
Untold Boscombe
Boscombe Bangfonia
The Friends Meeting House

Sarer Scotthorne -- film maker
Paulo Kosinski - photography

Andrew McCutchion -- lead composer, musical director and piano
Paul Hawkins -- co-composer, musical co-director, technical director, acoustic bass guitar and percussion
Scott Lavene -- co-composer and guitar
Sharon Fee -- co-composer, vocals, percussion and music box
Gemma Alldred -- co-composer and vocals
Paul Fee -- co-composer, ukelele and percussion
Stephen Pearson -- co-composer, drums and percussion
Roy Humby -- co-composer, technical co-director and support
Libby Bellhouse -- co-composer, vocals, percussion and shopping trolley
John Lee -- co-composer and acoustic guitar

thanks also to Jane Cartwright, Simon Humby, Kyle Nutley, Geordie Dave Walker, Simon Bull and the generous community of Boscombe. Special thanks to David Nock and Red Onion digital for recording the soundtrack.

The Music Room Band evolved from and during Sound Workshops run by Andrew & Paul for Vita Nova.
Hesterglock is co-run by :

︎Paul Hawkins : works mainly in poetry, visual art & performance
︎Sarer Scotthorne : poet & martial-artist

design: Bob Modem

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