Both Sarer & I have been involved with the
Steve Fowler curated Poem Brut project over
the past 3 years or so; as performers, publishers, curators, artists and supporters.

What is Poem Brut?

Poem Brut celebrates artistic creative writing - embracing text and colour, space and time,
handwriting, composition, abstraction, illustration, sound, mess and motion.

Poem Brut has generated over a dozen events since 2017, alongside multiple exhibitions, workshops, conferences and publications.

We’re proud to have published 18 books by poets/artists/writers involved with Poem Brut over
the past 3 years, with more in the pipeline.

Visit the Poem Brut website for more information
on events, exhibitions, conferences, commissions . . .

forthcoming Poem Brut books:

SJ Fowler - Soft Rich Digital Ghosts; tweeting carparks
dry (2021)