Poems of Mare Nostrum/Costa Nostra
Arturo Desimone

13 x 20 colour paperback 2019
ISBN: 9780368590566
180 pages
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“ Poems of the Mare Nostrum / Costa Nostra recently released with UK publisher Hesterglock, combines drawings with poems, telling of events political and sensual, occurring in myriad countries of the sprawling Mediterranean, and of the decadence of (modern) empire falling on those shores of Satyricon, repression and geopolitical concubines, mixing myth and ancient history with the contemporary; humour with solemn contemplations of future Jewish-Arab relations. Narrated by Desimone, who some have called ”poète maudit,” a marrano, love-addicted wandering Ahasuerus drifter-Jew, and more. Note:  Desimone’s drawings, said to be explicit, may be frowned upon by the respectable"

- - Jewrotica

"The poems are spiky, associative, ironic and rude; they seek to provoke. Desimone’s aesthetic preference is for the messy and brittle against the polite and ordered"
 - Jessica Sequeira reviews Poems of The Mare Nostrum, Costa Nostra for Berfrois magazine

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Arturo Desimone, Arubian-Argentinian writer and visual artist, born 1984 on the island Aruba which he inhabited until the age of 22, when he emigrated to the Netherlands. He later relocated to Argentina while working on projects related to his Argentinean family background. Desimone’s articles, poetry and fiction pieces previously appeared in CounterPunch, Círculo de Poesía (Spanish) Island, the Drunken Boat, The Missing Slate, EuropeNow, the Writers Resist anthology, Al Araby Al Jadeed (Arabic) and the New Orleans Review. This year he performed at the international poetry festival of Granada, Nicaragua. He blogs essays about Latin American poetry for Anomalous press under ''Notes on a Journey to the Ever-Dying Lands'' and some of these pieces also appeared in the Latin American views-section of openDemocracy.

AFRICANAH have published Arturo’s Poems for Heather Heyer - have a read here