est. 2013
editors: Paul Hawkins & Sarer Scotthorne
Bob Modem

‘The work Paul Hawkins and Sarer Scotthorne have done over the last number of years is really a source of encouragement, validation and hope for many poets writing around the edges of the Now (in the UK) because they are looking for the future. It is hard work, as it must often feel like digging a trench that fills with water, but their enthusiasm, sincerity and selflessness gives fuel to those like me, mining a weird and committed seam. I’m lucky to count them as friends, collaborators and supporters, as are brilliant folk like Thomas Havlik, James Caley, Arturo Desimone, Matti Spence and others.’
 - SJ Fowler, A note on: Unfinished Memoirs of a Hypocrit 2019

Hesterglock Press is co-run by Sarer Scotthorne & Paul Hawkins at ︎︎︎Eachwhat Industries Studio.

We started in 2013, publishing pamphlets & themed, pocket-sized poetry anthologies under the name of Boscombe Revolution. In 2016 we began to use print-on-demand services, which enabled us to start publishing books (without any start-up capital or other middle-class finance model(s)), publishing mainly experimental poetry that cuts across forms. We like to publish mostly the future-facing.

By supporting us; buying books, networking, collaborating, connecting, asking questions etc you're supporting the authors and will be helping to sustain our ongoing commitment to publish radical & challenging books, collaborating with other artists and writers on unique projects.

In 2018 we started up a new imprint, Prote(s)xt, initially to experiment with a different publishing model.

We make positive links between non-profit & literary / artistic / political worth, as opposed to predominant corporate, capitalist values of financial return.  We aim to actively publish marginalised, under-represented poets / writers / artists.

We’re currently closed for all and any submissions and have a full publication list until 2021. After that Paul plans to spend time concentrating on his own projects for a while.

N.B. No neoliberal capitalism, or any sort of capitalism. We prefer revolutionaries. No homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, violence, abuse or misogyny.