Aaron Kent
13 x 20 paperback 2018
32 pages
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"With this blood-soaked collection detailing the death of fathers spread over sixty years, Kent reaches with deftness into a poetry of inter-generational yearning. As a rhapsodic response to the slaughter that followed the short-lived 1956 Hungarian uprising, Bampy is at once technically astute, inventive, traumatic, eerie and uncompromising. The effect is scintillating. Whilst joining an esteemed Hungarian post-1956 lineage from Márai to Kassák to Szirtes, Kent simultaneously cements his place in a new generation of wildly innovative British poets. Bampy is a memorable calling card."
- Daniel Roy Connelly

Aaron has made some short films on Bampy - watch them here

Aaron Kent is a poet, screenwriter & publisher, running Broken Sleep Books. He is the author of novella Subsequent Death (zimZalla, 2017), Tertiary Colours (KF&S Press 2018) & The Rink (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2018). The Last Hundred (Guillemot Press 2019). Follow him on twitter: @GodzillaKent